Business Owner with Commercial Autos?

Here are a couple of quick tips for your commercial auto insurance, your employees and your business:

**When you hire drivers, make sure that you hire safe ones. Remember that your drivers represent your business when they are on the road. Once they are on board, you may want to train your drivers regarding best practices, such as the ones described below.

**It’s best to focus all of your attention on the road. Did you know that engaging in visual-manual sub tasks (such as reaching for a phone, dialing and texting) associated with the use of hand-held phones and other portable devices increases the risk of getting into a crash? Avoid anything that can distract you while driving.

**Maintain safe equipment. Well-maintained vehicles are not only safer, they can help you save money.

**Always, always wear your seat belt. Seat belts reduce serious crash-related injuries and deaths. It is sad to hear of accidents that injured people who might have otherwise been protected had they been wearing seat belts.

As always if you have a question on a commercial policy or would like more info on policies that Farmers Insurance offers, give us a call at 816-795-5977, email at or just fill out this form.


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